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We Are LA’s Waxy Works

Homemade coconut soy wax candles, melts Castile body wash & organic room sprays crafted with care

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Our Story

Established in Las Vegas Nevada by Founder Liz, Lailani, and Destiny. Inspired by their creativity and love for essential oils and fragrant luxury oils.  Bringing you the best luxury vegan coconut soy wax products along with Castile body washes. 100% coconut soy wax melts & Candles made with essential scents and notes. Aromatizing your home, office, or personal space with warm intriguing scents that set the tone & mood. Warm up your space with one of our enticing aromas. Our high-quality coconut soy wax is non-toxic and safe for your environment. Get some peace of mind with our luxurious one-of-a-kind products.